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Bo & Dina run the PRISMA Library of Life. Bo loves fixing things and collecting old clocks, and Dina likes learning everything about dinosaurs and loves discovering new things in books. The role of these two new members is to help us learn more about genetics and genetic testing in the context of autism spectrum disorders in a fun way. Their participation in our group is part of an important implementation strategy using media to create a bridge between community and science so that families have readily available information delivered to children and adults alike, in a fun and accessible way. We hope that these materials will be used to start a conversation with clinicians and empower families to be active participants in their healthcare as it relates to genomics.

Daniel Moreno De Luca - Adult and Child Psychiatry

Daniel Moreno De Luca, MD, MS


Director & Principal Investigator

Adult-Child Psychiatry 

Molly Goldman - Genetic Counselour

Molly Goldman, MS, CGC


Genetic Counselour

Carrie Best - Project Manager

Carrie Best, MPH


Project Manager

Julia Katz - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Julia Katz


Child and Adolescent

Psychiatry Fellow, Autism Track

Jack Biedermann - Research Assistant

Jack Bierdemann


Research Assistant

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