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We work closely with individuals with a diagnosis of autism or neurodevelopmental conditions. Throughout our work we honor and celebrate each person's uniqueness as we learn about their specific interests and passions, their "things", which has now become the basis of our campaign #whatsyourthing

Inside Out +
Autism Project




"We help communities turn their untold stories into a work of public art!"

Art Gallery

"The fundamental inspiration for this public art project has always been the talented and passionate families in our autism community. We have the pleasure to get to know our patients and families through interactions at the hospital and to connect through the interests we share. During the pandemic, when isolation kept us physically apart, we were inspired to maintain connections in more creative ways. Sharing our special "things" publicly under the #whatsyourthing campaign was a way to celebrate our individuality.

As someone who appreciates the arts and has a passion for photography, I was captivated by the profound impact public art projects, such as InsideOut, can have on a community. The highly visible nature of this larger-than-life photo project had the potential to draw attention to the many talents that were hiding in homes. Furthermore, taking selfies during COVID was completely feasible. So we began collecting images...

The response from the larger community was extraordinary and, in turn, this project has become a vehicle for acknowledging each individual while celebrating the community as a whole through recognition and conversation.

Our emphasis on community engagement stems from our understanding that it is integral to the delivery of successful healthcare & research. By connecting more deeply with our community we develop stronger communication, care for one another, and appreciation of varied perspectives, ultimately improving overall health outcomes.

Join our action... what is YOUR thing? #whatsyourthing?"

Molly Goldman -
Genetic  Counselor at PRISMA

Blue dots


Daniel M

It has been an honor and a treat working together with our ASD community to highlight their unique perspectives and interests along a thread that brings us all together.

Margarita L

It was nice to be part of the team who works with the participants to ask what's your thing? and sometimes it's difficult to begin a conversation, with this question the people face change and the conversation was easy and see the different interest.

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