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CASA Research Chair, an expert in the field of numerous neuro-psychiatric conditions

Earlier this spring, CASA Mental Health and the University of Alberta introduced the first ever CASA Research Chair. Dr. Daniel Moreno De Luca is a clinical psychiatrist, world-renowned expert and a researcher in the field of autism, other neuro-psychiatric conditions and genetics. He joined us on Global News Morning Edmonton.

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Genetic testing offers insight to improve care for youth living with autism spectrum disorder, says psychiatry researcher

As the inaugural casa research chair in child and adolescent mental health, daniel moreno de luca combines psychiatric research with clinical practice to allow genetic testing to benefit young people living with autism and their families

Animated videos connect with kids on autism spectrum and their families

A local psychiatrist and researcher, hoping to get that message out to the masses, came up with was an animated educational video that speaks to all ages.

A blue bear cartoon called Bo holds a genetic book in his hands.

A half-decade of progress at the Hassenfeld Institute is a high five for children’s health

Launched five years ago with an ambitious vision, the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute is bringing together researchers, physicians, students and community partners to transform children’s health in Rhode Island and beyond.

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Educational Toys

Unlocking the
secrets of autism

 a chance to share a little of what we know about autism genetics and the importance of these tests

Wooden Toy Train

Importance of genetic testing for ASD

Genetic testing for autism is a relatively new area that may be misunderstood. But for those with autism in their family, it could be very important. It may also impact how autism spectrum disorder is perceived and treated in the future.

More testing needed to identify genetic abnormalities with autism spectrum disorder

However, genetic testing for people with ASD – despite being an accepted standard of care -- remains the exception rather than the norm.

People with chromosome flaw at high risk of autism and schizophrenia

People with a genetic flaw on chromosome 17 have a much higher risk of autism and schizophrenia, experts said.

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