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We were eager to put in place comprehensive strategies to address these challenges, and here we outline several of our efforts for this purpose within quality improvement, education and clinical care informed by the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research. This has only been possible by working together with families, advocates, clinicians, educators, scientists, and hospital administration.


PRISMA Library of Life


Building on our work that established an Autism Track within the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry specialty program at Brown University and Bradley Hospital, we have now created a Compact Clinical Fellowship in Autism for child psychiatrists at the University of Alberta. Through this program, we aim to bolster expertise in autism spectrum disorders for clinicians and researchers, who will then serve as a resource for the ASD community nationwide. To support this, we leverage our previous education initiatives in ASD such as coursework for psychiatry residents, child psychiatry fellows, psychology interns and residents, social workers, and the general public. We had the privilege of having our inaugural awardee of the Autism CCF, Dr. Mona Nematian, complete her program in the Spring of 2024, and look forward to the new cohorts joining us!

PRISMA Library of Life

Quality Improvement

Our Genetic Counseling and Genomic Psychiatry Consultation services, spearheaded by Dr. Moreno de Luca, continue to expand as we evaluate our existing strategies and explore new avenues, needs, and nuances within the Canadian system. Through partnerships with clinicians, patients and advocacy groups we are working to enhance access to genomic information, improve integration and delivery of genetic testing, while supporting all constituents throughout the process.  Successes include:

Dr. Moreno De Luca appointed inaugural CASA Research Chair

Seamless International transition of ASD services

Expansion of Genetic Counseling Clinic

Broadening the Genomic Psychiatry Consultation Service

Awarded Institutional Grant to Launch a Province-wide Needs Assessment

Multicenter, Multidisciplinary Partnership Development

Dash Line

 We have been working hard on next steps, and can’t wait to update you on what’s to come! 

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