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We are eager to launch our new video aimed at kids on the autism spectrum and their families, explaining in a clear and engaging way key concepts like autism, genetics and genetic testing. Watch the video, where you’ll meet Bo, DiNA, and the rest of their friends!


Prisms are wonderful objects; a simple but elegant piece of glass that can take a single stream of light and transform it into a beautiful spectrum of colors, which can be used to shine light in dark places so that we can better see the way.


That description recapitulates the mission and vision of our Precision Medicine in Autism (PRISMA) group; we aim to understand the unique strengths and challenges of people with autism or other neurodevelopmental conditions in the context of the diverse rare genetic changes that can be found in up to 1 in 3 people with these diagnoses. By bringing together research, clinical care, education, and community engagement, we focus on creating a comprehensive strategy to improve the

healthcare of people with psychiatric conditions stemming from rare genomic disorders. Plus, it highlights our focus on diversity, as “prisma”is the Spanish word for prism!


Bo and DiNA welcome us to the PRISMA Library of Life, where we will learn about autism, genetics, and genetic testing!

Families & Participants


Bo and DiNA welcome us to the PRISMA Library of Life, where we will learn about autism, genetics, and genetic testing!

Our research study "A Genomic Approach to Precision Medicine for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Conditions" is enrolling children and adults who have had diagnostic genetic testing that showed a deletion or a duplication in chromosome 17q12 to understand how genetics can impact their healthcare. Click on the button below to view the flyer with more information.

It's a pleasure for us to share with you our inaugural PRISMA newsletter. Click here to read now or click on the button below if you want to download a copy

We have added informative sections on our website. Check out our research on 15.q13.3 deletion and our new education page with more information about the Autism track and other proyects in this area

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